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Run-of-the-Mill Mothering

March 3, 2016

Today is just an average, run-of-the-mill Monday. Kids are back in school after a bit of a break. I cleaned the fridge. Jerry is at the office crafting a thousand birthday postcards. Tonight there will be piano, hard-boiled eggs and dirty clothes. This mill just keeps on running. A mill is some kind of workshop or processing plant, refining one substance into something better and more useful. I've always liked to think of my house as a workshop (that does excuse the mess a bit). The difference is, I'm refining people, not milling flour or paper. My role is sometimes called that of "homemaker" or "stay-at-home-Mom", but today I'm calling myself a "miller". Turning the raw creative forces of the people I live with into refined, useful, disciplined individuals. I don't "bring home" an income. I send out potential. Potential disguised as a 7-year-old with a really dirty coat, a carb-heavy lunch and an infectious sense of humour. Potential disguised as a loud and very adventurous 10-year-old. Potential wrapped up as an introverted but endlessly creative 12 year old. Of course they refine me just as much (perhaps more) than I will ever be able to refine them. 


Today, take a glance at they people in your mill. The product you are refining (yourself perhaps?). This great web of human connection and relationship called family. It's a tad messy a times, but don't give up on the mill. Just let it run. Like wheat turns to flour and pulp to paper. Run-of-the-mill isn't actually very ordinary at all. It's really rather extraordinary. 



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