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Celebration of Learning

February 25, 2015

I feel like I need my own “Celebration of Learning”.

Last week I attended what in my day was called “Parent Teacher Interviews.” Now, it’s more like a guided tour of their classrooms to see their schoolwork. I didn’t have a pre-schooler in tow destroying the classroom while I try to be supportive, so this time around, I was actually cheerful.


One of my kids has had a long standing goal to have neater handwriting. His teacher is amazed that he continues to be able to work through math problems when his notebook looks like this…


But then, with a shrug of her shoulders she says “I guess he’ll be a typer.” I appreciate that she loves both his strengths and his weaknesses.

One teacher (who is teaching the grade for the first year) said she would do so many things differently next year. We started joking that it was really the adults who need to celebrate what they have learned. So I am now asking myself, “what have I learned this school year?”

If you were coming to our home there would definitely be a panicked cleaning session (but the students do a last-minute desk clean too, right?). My son may always have messy handwriting, and I may always have a messy house. Maybe we will both always be “typers.” And like my son’s notebook, I still have lots of math problems to work through (like 6 + baby =….7?! ; or 40-29 = 11 weeks before D-day). When I look at our notebook of life I wonder how we function in the chaos.

But I have learned a few things too.



1) I’ve learned not to hold myself to such a high standard. We have eaten a lot of frozen dinners on paper plates these days, and hard-boiled eggs can make for a fine supper.

2) In some seasons of life, your kids are just gonna’ watch a lot of TV.

3) Barely holding it together is the new normal.

4) It helps to not look too far into the future…don’t take life on more than an a few hours at a time.

5) Your relationships with other people can be your greatest resource.

6) “Never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved” -TS Monson

7) Life isn’t always going to make sense

8) If you don’t make time to nurture yourself, you won’t be very effective at nurturing anyone else. Taking time for yourself actually protects your family; it doesn’t take away from them.

9) Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Stay on your own path.



10) Is getting everything done on your “to do list” really what you want?

11) Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell people you are having a hard time.

12) Frozen yogurt with friends can be good therapy. Chatting with a psychologist is also good therapy. It just costs more.

13) If you crash one day and don’t manage to get anything done, be at peace with that.

14) Yoga is awesome. Chocolate is also awesome.

Chocolate tangent: I never used to be a big chocolate person…darn pregnancy.  If you are in Edmonton, you need to try this:




The “Carrement Chocolat” is from Passion de France. It’s a new bakery, hard to find and hard not to love. I digress…

15) Look for the little miracles, like finding matching socks.

16) Make time to have fun.

17) Being pregnant is a miracle. Surviving pregnancy/childbirth is also a miracle.

18) Having a clean vehicle is not that important. Having immaculate floors is also not that important.


19) Outsource your Christmas present wrapping…and maybe your birthday cake making, too.

20) Winter is….I actually have nothing nice to say about this one at this time.


21). Spend a little money pampering your self regularly. Paying for mental or physical health breakdowns are pricey. You are gonna spend the money either way, so you might as well have more fun on the prevention side.

That’s 21 life lessons so far. And since this year looks as though it’s one of re-inventing myself, I should have a bunch more life lessons soon. I have a feeling that finding playground sand in odd places will feature prominently in my summer list.


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