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Messages of Love

October 28, 2015


I recently celebrated my birthday, and every year on that day, I pull out my old answering machine, plug it in and listen to the message my Dad left me on my birthday in 2011 for my 30th. It was the last time he called me, as a few days later he died suddenly of a heart attack. I was left as next of kin and absolutely scrambled for months/years to juggle 4 small children, funeral arrangements, executor duties, birthdays, Christmas and a sprained ankle.

I’ve listened to that voicemail many times over the past few years, just to hear his voice—just to hear him say my name again. It’s like a moment of happiness frozen in time. That voicemail reminds me a bit of the popular “last lecture series” among professors. While most of us will never give a “last lecture,” all of us will leave a last voicemail or have a last phone call or conversation, or send a last text. Like my Dad, you will probably leave your last voicemail without realizing it. You never know how many times the listener will replay that message, just to hear some kind words.

Who in your life needs a message of love today?




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