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July 22, 2016



I don't make it through many books in a year, but I'm making my way through this stack. Do you have a book recommendation for me? Leave it in the comments.


Mothers of the Village: Written by a friend of mine. I am only half way through it but it's a great read about how a network of Moms is vital. I have a story or two in here!


Courting Scandal: Also by a friend of mine. A period romance. I haven't started this one but I'm hoping my one year old will sit still long enough that I can read a page or two on my vacation.


The Price of Motherhood. I've heard this book will make you angry so choose your setting carefully before you start in.


Reinventing your Life: This is for the amateur psychologist in me. It outlines life-traps we all have and how to overcome them. Loved the self reflection, but then, I'm into that sort of thing.


Margin: A fast easy read on time management. I try and read it at least once a year.


The Explosive Child. If you have a rigid thinker in your house who frequently loses their cool, this book is for you.


Big Magic. I liked this book way more than I thought I would. I've never read anything like it. I gave me some courage to just be myself.


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