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Change of Plans!

October 26, 2016



Back in the day when I only had 3 kids and my oldest was just starting his journey in public schooling, I participated a school closure processes that would eventually see my neighborhood go from three elementary schools and a junior high to one elementary school and a K-9. All the families in the area had to decide which of the two they would choose, or if they would try their luck with a school outside our community. We chose the K-9 and my oldest son started in grade 1 and my oldest daughter was in the first Kindergarten class.  I'm a planner and I always have a long range forecast in my mind for how I want things to go. Staying at the K-9 meant when it came time to go to junior high, the transition for them would be a lot easier. They would just move upstairs. After all, we had just switched schools, and I was keen to have all my children at this new school for as long as possible. A K-9 seemed like the perfect fit. 




Well, my long term forecast didn't exactly work out. Just like long range weather forecasts, there were just too many variables to predict. This year I ended up moving my eldest after grade 6 to start Grade 7 at a downtown school with a heavy arts focus. He has left all his friends behind and now takes public transit to a school of 1863 students, all essentially strangers to him. 


But you know what? My son is doing great. Better than I expected. So naturally, as a long term planner, I catch myself planning when he'll take his drivers test and the options he'll choose in high school. Heck in my mind, I basically have him registered for University. And then I stop myself, and apply some good old-fashioned advice. 'One day at a time. One decision at a time. He is his own person and you will cross all those bridges when you get there.' And of course all that old fashioned advice is right, but it still frustrates the heck out of me. 




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