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The gifts it's never too late for

December 23, 2016



When it comes to Christmas time, I feel like I'm living in a Where's Waldo image. It's very crowed. My house, my schedule, my dinner table is crowded. I sometimes do wear the same clothes every day because who has time for laundry. I get lost in the endless events to attend and things to do. It literally feels like I can't find myself sometimes. There is barely any room for self care or my hobbies or the things I love. The hours of my job, get even longer (how is that even possible?) But wait? Isn't this the season of Peace? And Joy? The season of goodwill and faith and families?


Have I allowed it to instead become the season greed and gluttony and waste?  Have I allowed fear into this season (what if everyone isn't happy, or I forget.....?)


Is it a simple lesson of wants vs needs?


Does my child need me to spend more time at work to pay for toys, or more time with them, on the couch chatting.

Do they need me to stay up past midnight upholding some tradition of a particular home baked cookie, or do they need me to sleep so I can be patient and happy.

Do my guests need spotless floors? Or do they need a host who slipped away for some alone time in the morning, meaning I am now ready for a party relationship and memory building. 


I'm in this Christmas "where's waldo" picture too. And in fact, I can only offer you peace, joy, goodwill and faith if I have found them myself. That is the "perfect gift" I need to be searching for. Lucky for me, it's never too late.

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