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Lampadedromia-the new family sport

January 25, 2017


Well, my 2017 is off to a rather pathetic start. I'm on day 21 of a sinus infection that has really knocked me off my feet (I am in fact feeling a bit better today, at least well enough to sit at the computer and type). I seem to have had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they put me on, and Jerry is gone on a business trip. With about 25% of the energy I usually have, I've spend my days staring at the random assortment of Christmas decorations, laundry and food littering my house, wishing it would tidy itself. I make feeble attempts to play trains with my toddler and I'm pretty sure we will hit our data cap this month thanks to the almost constant Netflix stream. Moms don't get sick days. I so I had to give myself some serious coaching sessions. Although I've cut out many things our of our schedule this month, there is still the usual grind and rat race to tend to. 


Here's the advice I'm giving myself. Remember lampadedromia. 


Lampadedromia was a sport played in ancient Greece. It was a relay race with torches. The prize was given not to the team who arrived first, bur rather to the team that arrived with their torches still lit. What strikes me about this race is that the winners needed to be wiser than they were fast. Yes, speed helps in any race, but they had to be observant about the weather, careful with their footing and precise with their hand-offs. This was a race won by the wise. 


I don't have to be the fastest. I don't even have to keep up with my "pre-sinusitis" self. I just have to arrive at the end of the day with my torch still lit. It takes considerable  wisdom to determine what "still lit" means for me (and what it doesn't mean). 


Getting my kids all back home and under one roof by the end of the day=torch still lit.

Cereal for supper= torch still lit

Netlix for the kids while I rest = torch still lit.


Next month, my definition of "torch still lit" may change, but for now, Lampadedromia is the new family sport. 



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