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Audiobooks for a busy family.

Having a hard time getting kids to bed since the sun sets so late? Try an audio book. We found CD players at a thrift store and we call in hordes of CD's from the library. Even if my kids don't fall asleep, it keeps them in their rooms. 


Heading out on a big road trip? Take a story. If you car is like mine and is too old to play e-audiobooks over the speakers you can fix that by buying a simple bluetooth speaker. Set it on the dash or an arm rest and you can stream stories from your phone, no CD's required. 



Here are 14 of our favorite books: 





We haven't actually finished this one yet, but if you have a child that incessantly asks "absurd hypothetical" what if questions, this book is for you.







Even if you have read them before, listening to Jim Dale narrate is a treat.  Books 1-4 got us through a 5500 km road trip last summer. 










Excellent read about a boy with a facial deformity integrating into a middle school setting. Be prepared for lots of discussions on bullying, friendship and courage.










How many times have you heard the words: "I wish my birthday was everyday". This book is about just that. 


Last I counted there were 27 books in this series, which means if you can get a child hooked on it, you'll be good for a while. Best for boys between 8-11.

 Ok, I'll be honest this series might keep your kids up even after the sun goes down. It's a "page turner". 








I was surprised this captured the interest of everyone in my van. Even my 13 year old was into it. 


A gripping book with magical creatures both friendly and a bit scary.



A ghost story set in an old castle. Best for readers in grade 3 or above as the voice is a bit old school.


There are 13 books in this series. I think the first 3 are the best, however there is an interweaving mystery that unfolds if you hang in there.


A very unique concept for the story line, even I needed to know what happened.


An older story but it has all the classic elements of a good childrens story. 


Good for younger listeners  (8 years old or less). Animals and magic, always a winning pair. There are 3 books in the series.


A collection of fourteen Robert Munsch stories. Read by the author so it gets loud at points (he's very enthusiastic). Get a collection like this so the stories will play one after another and you don't have to put in a new disk for every story. 















What story should be number 15 on my list? 

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