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Make ahead freezer buns for school lunches

1) What are freezer buns?


Freezer buns are meat and cheese buns that live in the freezer until a weekday morning when the bin of buns gets set out on the table and all the kids grab a bun or two. By lunch they are thawed and ready to to eat.





2) How often do you make them?


I do 35-40 buns every Saturday and that lasts me one week. Sometimes I'll do 2 or 3 weeks at a time. (tip hire an older teenager to do this with your kids and then you can spend you time in something more pressing). If you do a large batch like this for multiple kids LABEL THE BUNS REALLY WELL WITH THE RIGHT CHILDS NAME.








3)What freezes well?


My kids prefer buns to bread, but both freeze well. Deli meat, and cheese freeze wonderfully.  I will use left over beef roast or roast chicken for kids who don't love deli meat. We use mayo and/or butter for spreading.




4) Do you kids get sick of it?


No not really. You can switch the meat and/or cheese up ( ham, roast beef, pepperoni, turkey, swiss, provolone etc). But they are pretty happy with a bun everyday. It's filling, fast and they make it themselves. What's not to like? Even if your kids don't want buns everyday you can still have these ready to take a few days a week, or if they forget to make a lunch the night before.




5) Do you send along anything else?


Yes. I try and send veggie packets. We also do these ahead of time but store them in the fridge ( not freezer). I keep apples, oranges, yogurt tubes, granola bars and sometimes cookies throw in the morning of.



I will sometimes get the kids to make a bun or two for my husband as well while they are at it. He likes lettuce and pickles so I take his out the night before and just add fresh stuff in at breakfast. 


This technique has saved me so much time and mess and makes my kids so much more independent with lunches, I love it!




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